TUTORIAL: update firmware via USB

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TUTORIAL: update firmware via USB Empty TUTORIAL: update firmware via USB

Mensaje  vic1972 el Jue Mayo 13, 2010 9:36 pm

1. Find the new firmware to udpate, normally is a filename like: MS400_version.img

2.Copy the .img file into a usb memory stick.
3. power off lg
4.connect usb memory stick in the frontol usb connector of LG..
5. encendemos lg
6. Power on LG, and tell yes to the update.
(If the update does not start, you will have to power on while pressing the round button of the front, till LG appears in tv)

7. in a few seconds will appear in screen UPDAT
8. This process takes around 3 minutes. (be patiente)
9. at the end will show OK in display.

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