MS450H power consumtion

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MS450H power consumtion Empty MS450H power consumtion

Mensaje  evr el Dom Abr 10, 2011 3:27 pm


I have been measuring the power consumption of my MS450H under various working conditions. Here are the results:

Condition· mA · Watts
AC plugged, power off 10 2
Booting, "HELLO" 100 21
Booting, "WAIT" 53 13
"HOME" (or "DTV" or other menu entries) 77 18
HDD and USB disks recording/playing, WIFI ON 88 20
HDD and USB disks idle, WIFI ON 84 19
HDD idle, USB disk spun-down, WIFI ON 77 18
HDD spun-down, USB disk idle, WIFI ON 73 17
HDD and USB disks spun-down, WIFI ON 70 16
HDD spun-down, no USB disks, WIFI ON 65 15
HDD spun-down, no USB disks, no WIFI, no Ethernet 56 13
- AC voltage was 230V.
- The internal disk was the standard one (250GB ).
- The USB disk was: SAMSUNG HM500JI 500GB, 2.5", in case: ICY BOX IB-259Stu, without external power source (USB-powered).


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MS450H power consumtion Empty Re: MS450H power consumtion

Mensaje  vic1972 el Dom Abr 10, 2011 11:12 pm

Interesting, thanks for measurements.

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