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new idea about pipe management Empty new idea about pipe management

Mensaje  hectorzin el Vie Feb 04, 2011 12:18 pm

Taken a look at the source code of pipe management, I notice that many of the actions look for the estatus, look foor a key press, and thend send a string of commands to the unit.

Why don't implement a code that looks in a text file all of this? this could give us the way to customize actions only modifying the text file.
For example.... pressing 5 while whatching video go fordward 5 minutes.....
we could have in the text file:


if anybody wants to change 5 minutes per 4 minutes only should have to change this text file and not recompile everything again.

This also could give me the option of aboiding the dialog when powering off during recording.

What about the idea?


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