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Moving TUTORIALS to the Wiki Empty Moving TUTORIALS to the Wiki

Mensaje  evr el Lun Ene 03, 2011 8:08 pm

I see there are quite a few "TUTORIALS" in this subforum. As you know, we have started to build a Wiki, mainly with tutorial-like contents. See: "Añadiendo cosas a la wiki" and "LG MS400/450H PipeManagement and Menu Customization WiKi." The TUTORIAL threads in this subforum could be more or less directly copied to the wiki, where they will become more useful and more easy to keep updated.

Of course, I can do it, but first of all we have to decide which ones are actually still valid. I mean, some are clearly obsolete because they refer to old versions of customized firmware/software versions. May be Vic and/or Keltek can have a look and tell which ones are adequate to be posted in the wiki. Typically only topics which are valid for devices with official LG firmware and those which are not too dependent on specific (obsolete) custom releases.



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